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Crystal-infused candles merge the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy with the healing energies of crystals to create a unique and holistic experience.


To ensure that your experience with our candle is both magical and safe, we kindly ask you take a moment to read through our candle safety and care guide: 


**Crystal Care** Your candle comes adorned with beautiful, larger crystals that are not infused into the wax, allowing you the choice to remove them before lighting your candle. For those who wish to keep the crystal within the candle, please be mindful that as the wax melts, the crystal may shift position, potentially interfering with the wick and even extinguishing the flame. 


**Wax Cleanup** Should you decide to remove the crystals at any point, or to clean any excess wax from them, simply use a warm cloth to gently wipe away the wax. This method ensures both the safety of your crystals and their continued brilliance. 


**Harnessing Crystal Energy** Whether you choose to keep the crystals within the candle or alongside it, rest assured, the unique intention and energy of the crystal will still permeate your surroundings, enhancing your environment with its serene vibe. Placing the crystals near the burning candle allows you to enjoy the ambiance and aromatic benefits while still absorbing the crystal's inherent energies.

CrystalVibes Candles

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